At Absolute we believe that in the current volatile market conditions that we now live in, you cannot rely solely on the traditional asset classes and financial instruments that previous generations trusted upon.

Absolute Consulting Financial is licensed with the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (CIB Reg: 0327) to sell general and long term (including linked long term) insurance.

Absolute Consulting holds an Estate Agents licence for Hong Kong property (EAA Licence No. C-031202).

Why use and Independent Financial Advisor?
Knowing which Investment and Insurance products you should have to achieve your financial objectives can be confusing and time consuming.

Understanding which insurances you do and don't need with so many different investment choices in the market place makes it even more difficult.

Let an Absolute Financial Advisor help you asses your needs and source the most suitable financial products to meet those needs.

An Absolute IFA will benefit you by giving you impartial and independent advice through a choice of products and services that match your requirements.

Why use Absolute?
As we are a pure broker and take no shareholding in any developments we offer to clients, we have no conflict of interest when advising about the right property or asset to buy.

We work on your behalf to find the best deal in the market to meet your circumstances.

To help you plan for your future, whatever it may be, contact us.

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